Friday, October 30, 2009

tengs bie;)

many times in my life i have disappointed you,
ang degun to stray.
but you have pointed me in the right direction,
and send me on my way.

many times in my life I've needed a helping hand,
and someone to pull me up.
it's was you who gave me that helping hand,
and always cheered me up.

many time i've been sad n down,
and taken it out on you.
but you stood by me and comforted me,
in times that i was bad.

many time i've needed support,
and to know someone was there.
it was you who held me up,
and showed me how to care.

many times i've wanted to tell you this,
but never got a chance.
you have helped me out in my life,
and got me where i am.

you were there for me through thick and thin,
you never gave up on me and you taught me how to care.
find the deepest of my heart i want to say I LOVE YOU,
and to thank you for being there for me in times of good or bad

muhammad amer<3

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