Tuesday, November 3, 2009

bie, ilysm;)

I have took this chance again when I found you,
I know that I might not be the perfect girlfriend for you,
Somehow I will try the best I could to be the one,
And I have never known love until now,
Because the way you touched my heart I can see everything in a new light.
Fills with glorious joy and happiness.
Everything that I thought is impossible to get but when I found you ,
I have the place to be with and the person is you.
Words can't even describe the way I feel about you,
My heart filled with much pain but now that pain has gone away,
Even there are many miles between us,
I’ll always love you. Truly I do.
I forever want to be with you but now it’s in your dream I belong.
And you promised you would never lie,
I have learned to cherish and trust you,
Don’t ever feel afraid because I won’t be going anywhere,
It’s in your heart I belong and forever it will stay,
If you told me ones, even twice how beautiful love could be
You have brought me such happiness.
It takes all my sadness away and with my endless loyalty.
it would never sale those wonderful things that i thought of you
This I knew from the moment we met.
Thank you for the special moment that you spent with me,
Those memories would never fade away and I’ll keep it lock up ,
So that the memories will always stays forever.
Forever.. I love you.

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